Tori Spelling Borderline Bulimic? Losing Weight Faster Than Jenny Craig

Apr 06th, 2009

Star Magazine reports Tori Spelling is losing weight, fast! According to the article, Spelling clocked in at a measly 98 pounds. Holy crap! Paris Hilton's chihuahua weighs more than that. The reason behind the sudden and extreme weight loss? Tori's mother, Candy, is releasing a tell-all book which is loaded with secrets and intimate moments regarding Tori's life and career. Friends say she is still working out, but not eating and that can prove to be a deadly combination. I guess we'll find out soon enough...

Tori Spelling has dropped to a frail 98 lbs. -- and Star has learned that her mother is to blame!

In our April 13 issue -- on sale today -- we report that Candy Spelling, who the actress has been estranged from since December 2007, has ramped up the blood feud between mother and daughter by spilling many of Tori's intimate secrets in a new tell-all, and the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum is so upset by it, she can't even bring herself to eat.

"It's not good," warns an insider. "Tori's so stressed over her mom's new book, she has no appetite but is still exercising every day. Her friends are all worried that she may be anorexic. She's now down to a size zero." (source)

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