Trouble in the Air: Britney Spears & Lindsay Lohan Hang Out

Aug 05th, 2009

What's worse than Lindsay Lohan and/or Britney Spears parading behind that of a vehicle? The two hanging out together! Ugh, this brings up old images of our once insane Britney and to be quite honest, hanging out with someone whose daily breakfast meal consists of two snorts of coke and a slim jim is not a good idea.

Sure, Lohan may have some work in the near future. But we don't for one second like this crap. But whatever if Life & Style believe they're just hanging for fun, then so should we. Especially from such a reputable magazine!

An insider tells Life & Style, "There was no craziness, just a lot of fun and dancing."

Britney and Lindsay stayed until the club closed, around 3 a.m. Lindsay tells Life & Style, "It was such fun!" (source)

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