'True Blood's' Butterface, Anna Paquin, Swims With A Shirt On?

Sep 29th, 2009

The girl is practically naked on screen every moment she gets on True Blood, but yet hides her best feature at the beach. She manages to show off her worst (those awful teeth) and I'm left wondering why home girl would hide the hot bod and showcase the narrrrsty teefs.

Here's the starlet having a swimmingly good time at the beach over the weekend. Yes, we know the only chicks who should wear shirts at the beach are the double quarter pounders, so we're just as confused as you with this one. We've seen the rack more than a handful of times on TV, give it to us in reality, BIA! And please, refrain from smiling...you're scaring the sharks away.

September 29th, 2009 by Tags: Anna Paquin, true blood, beach, swimming, bikini
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