'Twilight' Fans Check It Out...A *NEW* 'New Moon' On Scene Pic With Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart, & Taylor Lautner

Jul 22nd, 2009

Four months and counting, all you Twilight freaks! Don't worry, most of us are a part of the freakdom, too. And of course to get us more excited about the much desired sequel, New Moon we've been given a new on set picture of the flick via PerezHilton.

Here's Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene as Bella Swan, Jacob Black and Alice Cullen. And for those of you who read the book, it seems that this scene is right before Alice and Bella run off to Italy to stop Edward from...well you already know it if you read it!

As long as we're getting more Taylor, Ashley, and Rob...we're all good.

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