Two Idiots Are Probably Getting Married

Jan 15th, 2010

A wedding between two morons doesn't really appeal to us much. Paris Hilton's apparently going to be engaged for the 2532nd time to that flavor of the year she's been dating, Doug Reinhardt. Or so do "inside sources" to the couple claim.

A number of folks in Paris Hilton's inner circle are convinced the hotel heiress will walk down the aisle with boyfriend Doug Reinhardt this year. According to a couple of Hilton pals, the reality TV phenom has begun scoping out potential locations for what one of them said "will make Jennifer Aniston's marriage to Brad Pitt -- or Liza Minnelli's Plaza Hotel extravaganza that included Liz Taylor and Michael Jackson [for her ill-fated marriage to David Gest] -- look like nothing." (source)

These inside sources are probably literal. Crabs get irritated when you keep them in for too long. WTG Paris. Wonder what the IQ of their children will be if they can even procreate with all of those penises who have seen the depths of the cave.

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