Tyra Banks Didn't Walk Away From Her Show, It Got The Boot!

Jan 07th, 2010

Tyra Banks being Tyra Banks. Endlessly annoying and now a liar. Who woulda thunk it. So remember that one very special day where we got amaaaazing news Tyra's show was no longer going to exist because Tyra was walking away? Yeah, okay, let's just say Tyra's show got the boot.

Sure, she’d like you to think she’s walking away - but Tyra GOT CANCELLED. On Monday she called her staffers together for a meeting and made the announcement that the show was cancelled. Tyrannical Tyra does NOT treat her employees well like Oprah does- they were the last to know. She’s always given them chintzy Christmas gifts and this year they got pink slips. She told everyone to get their resumes together. An insider told us the show was cancelled simply because it cost too much - it never recovered financially from the move from LA to NY that Tyra insisted on, plus Tyra’s salary was huge. (source)

Save all the details. Let's just thank God that someone caught on and canceled this disaster.

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