Ugh, Paris Hilton Considering New World Tour?

Nov 02nd, 2009

Yeah, she's basically about five years outdated, but to Miss Paris Hilton she must believe she's still relevant. Relevant enough to even consider going on a world wide tour, lip-synching performing some new tunes. This girl can barely function while she's drunk dancing...we doubt choreography can even help.

Paris Hilton, the world tour? The heiress, who is currently in the studio recording her second album, recently talked about how things are going to OK! magazine

If all goes as she says, that performance could lead to Hilton's first ever tour. The socialite-turned-reality TV star has already released one album, "Paris," on her own label Heiress Records, and perhaps surprisingly the critical reception wasn't all bad. Her album even reached the sixth position on the Billboard 200 list. (source)

That's because her family more than likely bought out every Best Buy in the country. Fortunately when you have money like that, it's possible. That or every guy she's ever blown felt incline to help out an old pleasurable mouf.

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