Usher Wants To Mack It To Rihanna

Nov 11th, 2009

So much for getting over your divorce! Looks like Usher's on the rebound. The lucky girl? Miss Rihanna. Because we're sure another relationship is home girl's mind right now. Although we're pretty sure she wouldn't turn down a hot night of sex with Usher knows what he's working with. And we all know what that means when a guy can dance.

Take this with a grain of salt, The National Enquirer claims:

Usher has been secretly calling and texting the [Rihanna] for the past three weeks, and she's been very friendly, sources tell the Enquirer.

"Usher has been making moves on Rihanna and she seems to like him a lot," revealed an insider. "He calls her at least twice a day and they text all the time -- he tells her how beautiful she is and that he can't wait to show her how a woman is supposed to be treated. Usher even sends Rihanna flowers and includes a cute little quote or song-lyric message."

Despite the mutual attraction, Rihanna wants to take things slowly with Usher.

"Even though they are very interested in each other, Rihanna refuses to be seen in public with him in a romantic setting until his divorce is final because she doesn't want any drama with [his estranged wife] Tameka. Right now she's just enjoying the flirting." (source)

You could call Rihanna a step up from your once stylist who forced marriage down upon you just to afford lipo and pop out a kid to be completely taken care of for the rest of her life. Something tells me that RiRi wouldn't be really turned on by a guy who sends her song lyrics...maybe a leather belt...we kid!

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