Vanessa Hudgens to Get Naked for Movie?

Jul 13th, 2009

Looks like Vanessa Hudgens is trying to outshine her shiny boyfriend, Zac Efron. We all may have seen her goodies a year or two ago when a naked pic of the tween actress was released, but looks as though the Disney ho may be stripping down for her next movie venture.

So according to Metro News, looks as though Hudgens will be stripping down for her new role in Sucker Punch where the once good gal will be playing a hooker during the 1950s. Disney we have one question for you: Just how do you nab all of these youngin's and turn 'em into Hollywood's biggest skanks?

Zac Efron, you better let it all hang out or else. Until we get to see her parade around in the flesh, check out Vanessa's latest photos in the recent Parade magazine.

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