Weathering The $tripper Storm

Nov 05th, 2009

They must really be trying to prove a point. After being publicly bashed for reported rumors of sleeping with a $tripper, Josh was on his best behavior Tuesday night while dining in ATL with Fergie.

E! News is reporting that Fergie flew into town to be with her hubby while they both weather the stripper storm. To really shove it to the media and non-believers, Fergie and Josh are shacking up in the same hotel the alleged affair took place in.

Before Fergalicious arrived on the scene, sources say Duhamel frequently hit the town and wasn't always acting like an obedient man servant:

That boy likes to put down a few cold ones and party up a storm...I see him out all the time. (source)

Even though he is apparently extremely shaken by any reports of infidelity and currently acting like a wounded puppy, his frat star behavior speaks otherwise.

A nice steak dinner is not enough to repair the damaged psyche of The Duchess, Duhamel. Get with the program and bring on the bling.

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