What Madonna Wants, Madonna Gets

Jun 09th, 2009

We think that if we were to ever meet Madonna and our eyes met, she could bewitch and trick us into giving her anything she wanted. Mainly because she seems scary and partly because she's Madonna. So even though the material mom was denied adoption of Malawi kiddo Mercy, guess what? She's not anymore!

After being denied adopting Mercy because they said she needed to have lived in Malawi for at least 18-months, she's now approved. The wonders of money. Three appeal judges have allowed the adoption to go through.

The Sun says that two judges have already turned in reports stating that the adoption should go ahead and the third judge is right there with them. They will announce their decision this Sunday in court. (source)

At first rule, the 18-month rule was the only thing holding the adoption process back. Now all of a sudden they agree that the rule is "out of date." Well, I'm sure when a pimped out limo arrives with suitcases of money being dropped into the laps of the judges, any rule is thrown out.

Here's to Madonna using her cheap trick skills to own another African bay-bay. They are the newest trend since iPods. Baby Mercy will now join Madonna's baby empire of Rocco, David, and Jesus Luz.

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