Whitney Port Gets Denied At NYC Club, We Find It Hilarious

Oct 19th, 2009

Just because you're on some joke of a reality series The City that was a spin-off from The Hills doesn't mean everyone's waiting to be up your a$$, Whitney Port. And in New York, no one gives a crap, period. So when you get denied at the door of a NYC club and the bouncer doesn't know who you are, don't seem so shocked.

The New York Post claims that the reality ho and four of her "more than likely willing to suck a ween to get far" friends were denied entry into a NYC club.

Maybe he's spent too much time in "The City." Whitney Port and four gussied-up girlfriends spent more than 30 minutes battling to get into hot club Winston's in LA last weekend. A witness said, "The doorman clearly hadn't seen 'The Hills' or 'The City' and was not impressed by her. Port seemed more embarrassed every time another group of girls were let in before her." She eventually got through when someone recognized her and pointed her out to the doorman. (source)

All it takes is a finger! Probably the one she took out of her no no spot. Ah, the wonders of giving the coat check guy a hand job prior to entry. See, it's soooo much cooler to be ceiling eyes!

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