Who In The Hell Would Stalk Kristen Stewart?!

Jun 10th, 2010

...Unless you're one of the Volturi, of course. Apparently Kristen Stewart has a deranged admirer and while she's decided to not take it seriously, those close to the Twilight star are concerned about the disturbing letters and following her at events and her home.

A longtime Hollywood honcho, who has worked with Stewart, says the young actress is telling people around her she refuses to be intimidated. "She insists that no crazy 'will keep me from living my own life,'" said the source, who understands that point of view.

"But this isn't like the paparazzi -- who Kristen understandably hates because they are so intrusive. These people can be dangerous."

Apparently, Stewart -- along with the rest of the young "Twilight" stars, particularly Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner -- are bugged by many, many "Twilight" vampire-obsessed fans. The Stewart friend refers to them as "real nuts ... scary kooks. ... These people are far more serious than the merely annoying paparazzi."

Do I even care???

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