Why We Love Megan Fox

Jan 21st, 2009

We love Megan Fox because of the following reasons:

1) Simplicity - Megan Fox doesn't need expensive outfits, extravagant jewelery or an obnoxious entourage. She dons a plain white t-shirt, Aviator shades all while carrying her own jacket.

2) Natural Beauty - Despite her wavering hair, lack of make up, crazy expression or awkward forearm tattoo, Megan Fox manages to look beautiful, no matter what happens.

3) Megan Fox - You might be wondering how Megan Fox is a reason why we love Megan Fox. Does that even make sense? Is that a paradox upon which all humanity could be swallowed up within a black hole of uncertainty? Why are you still reading this? We gave you two reasons already why you should love her as well, skip the third and browse through these awesome photos in enlarged view. You can thank us later in the comments.

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