Win a Date with Maria Sharapova, Only $10,000

Oct 03rd, 2008

Got an extra $10,000 lying around the house? Scratch that. Do you even have a house after what the economy just went through? It seems, women's professional tennis athlete, Maria Sharapova, auctioned herself off for a mere ten thousand dollars. The sad thing was, Sharapova's boyfriend was outbid during the closing moments of the auction. Awkward!

Seems the lovely Wimbledon champ Maria Sharapova put herself -- well, a date with herself, anyway -- up for auction at a charity tennis tournament. The winning bid was $10,000, which seems a bit below market value. Lobbing up the awkwardness quotient is the fact that Ms. Sharapova's boyfriend apparently got outbid for the date. (source)

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