Winona Ryder's Bulgari Bracelet Goes "Missing"

Dec 02nd, 2008

She's at it again! Esteemed kleptomaniac, Winona Ryder, was given a diamond-encrusted bracelet to wear at a Marie Claire party this week. Little did Bulgari know, this would be the last time they saw their $122,000 dollar bracelet. But seriously, giving a diamond-encrusted bracelet to Winona Ryder, is like asking Courtney Love to pick up your medical marijuana for you - you're just never going to see it again.

The actress, 37, said she put the diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring in an envelope and handed them to front desk staff at her Madrid hotel, according to French magazine Voici. But the mag claims CCTV does not show Ryder convicted of shoplifting in 2002 handing over the envelope. The jeweller Bulgari is said to be urgently trying to solve the mystery. Last night a spokeswoman confirmed jewels were loaned to Marie Claire magazine for celebs to wear to a party on Sunday. But when asked if Ryder had failed to return her gems, she refused to comment. Ryder was not available for comment last night. Her spokesman refused to return calls and emails. (source)

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