Yes, Someone Actually Stalks Lady Gaga And She Filed A Restraining Order Against Them

Nov 19th, 2010

I never understood the whole "stalking" a person regardless of celebrity status. How can someone have such a deep impact in your life that you find it necessary to follow every move they make. Well, Lady GaGa is the newest celeb to enter weirdo dome. The Poker Face singer has just filed a restraining order against Russian immigrant Anastasia Obukhova.

Like so many high-profile stars, Lady Gaga is plagued by crazy stalkers of all kinds. While the singer’s legal camp succeeded in getting a restraining order filed against Russian immigrant Anastasia Obukhova — who sent murder threats in several letters — a source close to Gaga says other “nut cases” out there have frightened the entertainer.

“Like most stars, Gaga is paranoid about crazed so-called fans, but lately it’s gotten out of hand, with notes delivered in unexpected places — like suddenly appearing in the singer’s dressing room. It’s just plain creepy,” said a Gaga insider.

That's creepy? So she is. It's a match made in heaven!

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