You Mess With Ali Lohan, You Get Punched By Lindsay Lohan

Jan 12th, 2010

If you mess with Lindsay Lohan's older younger sister, Ali Lohan, be ready for a coke filled punch. It seems as though after some dude kept harassing Ali, Lindz gave him a warning and then punched 'em on down.

Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched a man who was harassing her little sis at a nightclub in St Barts.

"Lindsay repeatedly warned the guy to leave Ali alone. When he didn't, she viciously punched him," says an onlooker. "Bodyguards arrived quickly to stop the fight, and Ali returned to the boat."

The melee sure didn't ruin Lindsay's night - or cut into her quality partying time: The source says she and a male pal partied for another hour. (source)

And to think we thought Lindsay's hand/eye coordination would be off a bit due to her crave for cocaine brunches and meth lunches. She can multitask!

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