Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Engaged to Please Her Mom?

Feb 27th, 2009

Teen heartthrob, Zac Efron, supposedly proposed to his Disney co-star Vanessa Hudgens this month while on their High School Musical 3 tour in Japan. The reason for the spontaneous proposal? To shut up Vanessa's ultra-conservative mother, Gina! Awww, how romantic! According to the National Enquirer:

Zac hasn't given Vanessa a ring yet, say sources -- but he's hoping the proposal will buy him some time with Vanessa's super-strict mom, Gina, who didn't approve of the sweethearts living together before they were married.

"Zac is releived to be out of the pressure cooker, because Vanessa's mom has been putting serious heat on him to make an honest woman out of her daughter," an insider told the Enquirer. "She is old-school and doesn't approve of Vanessa living with Zac without making some type of wedding promise."

Although Zac purchased a $2.3 million, two bedroom, modern architectural house on Woodrow Wilson Drive in the Hollywood Hills this past December, he spends most nights at Vanessa's six-bedroom, 5,200-square-foot Tuscan-style mansion in Studio City.

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