2009's Year In Sex, The Top Ten Sex Scandals

Jan 04th, 2010

We had to post this pretty awesome Top 10 Sex Scandal bit that www.celebslam.com created and post on its site. From Josh Duhamel to cheating on Fergie with strippers to David Letterman's employee sex acts to Tiger Woods infamous sex obsessions...who do you think is number one? You'll be surprised to even remember some of the other's mentioned.

10. Josh Duhamel allegedly cheats on Fergie with a stripper (November): Can you really blame Josh for hooking up with a stripper? Unlike his wife, at least those girls accept their poles. Of course, Josh could have done better than the chick he hooked up with . . . but apparently every other woman with her type of figure was busy trying out for the 1980 Soviet Weight Lifting Olympic team.

9. Rihanna's nude cell phone pics hit the web (May): It was nice to see photos of Rihanna this year where it wasn't her eyes that were deep purple . . . just her nipples.

8. Even more Vanessa Hudgens nude pics hit the web (August): Clearly Vanessa knows her fan base: teenage boys that spend more time with their hands than a sculptor. She’s a true hero in every definition of the word . . . um, except the main one.

7. Rebecca Gayheart "sex tape" with husband Eric Dane and Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche (August): Threesomes are hot. Threesomes with Noxzema girls are even hotter. The only way this whole incident could have been any sexier is if spokespeople from ProActive and Clearasil had joined in. At least if Rebecca keeps making sex tapes she won't be involved with the other thing she's famous for: avoiding cross walks (Google it).

6. Roman Polanski arrested in Switzerland and the ensuing fallout (September): Can you really blame a guy for skipping the country when he's been convicted of raping a child? The only people more reviled in prison than the pedophiles are the guards . . . and bloggers (don't ask). Polanski's best option for making things right: Spend one night in jail . . . sleeping on his stomach.

5. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian cheat on their spouses with each other (March): You'd think Eddie would cheat on his spouse with someone better looking than Leann Rimes . . . like Kathy Griffin. Hopefully these two eventually find what they're looking for and one day end up with exactly the type of arrangement they deserve: hefty alimony payments.

4. McKenzie Phillips had sex with her dad (September): Some things you should take with you to the grave - like being raped by your step dad or appearing in a Rob Schneider film. Of course, letting the world know that you were intimate with a father figure in your family can only mean one thing: you're related to Joe Simpson.

3. David Letterman extortion attempt reveals affairs with staffers (October): You'd think with millions of dollars in the bank, a long running television show, and enough fame to last a lifetime that David Letterman would have cheated with hotter looking women. The reality is that you can't really blame David for banging such ugly chicks - gapped teeth have been known to affect a person's taste.

2. Carrie Prejean made a solo sex tape (November): Being a beauty queen takes many talents: Looking good in a swimsuit, walking in high heels, and smiling with Vaseline on your teeth. Too bad typing isn't part of the judging process . . . with the way she's apparently able to use her fingers, Carrie could probably type 200 words a minute!

1. Tiger Woods and his whores (November): The saddest part about the whole Tiger Woods scandal is that if he'd only cheated with 15 whores, the public (and his wife) probably would have forgiven him. But 16 . . . that's just ONE too many. So let this be a lesson kids: Cheat once, shame on you. Cheat 16 times, get your junk tested for Chlamydia. (source)

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