Andy Dick Got So Drunk, He Peed On Himself

Jan 19th, 2011

Somethings just never change. Andy Dick may have been on a season of that rehab show with Dr. Drew, but that hasn't stopped him for acting a public no less. Andy took to his best friend booze during the AVN Awards at the Palms in Vegas and ended up pissing his best friend onto his leg. Yeah.

I am a journalist from Texas. My photog & I went to the AEE & AVN a week or so back in Vegas. Shot the red carpet of the AVN Awards @ the Palms. Andy Dick was kicked off & we were there to take pics. Notice the stain in the crotch. We can only speculate what it is....Once kicked off, he ran around shooting everyone the finger including taxi cabs. Andy was a mess...took off running by himself down the street...complete mess.


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