Andy Dick Is Still A Drunk Mess

Jun 23rd, 2010

Looks like Dr. Drew Pinksy couldn't even help Andy Dick. Although Dick documented his "rehab" on Celebrity Rehab, the once comical man is back at his old tricks again. This includes getting ridiculously drunk, sticking his tongue down some poor woman's throat, publicly urinating on a sidewalk, and then disrupting a play performance.

The 44-year-old "actor" barged into the Coast Playhouse's Yello in LA on June 2 and demanded to be let in without a ticket. He loudly slurred: "Did it start yet?"

The boozing, belligerent "NewsRadio" star was then kicked out by the play's director Delo Shores, who told Andy: "Come back when you'resober." Said an eyewitness: "Andy kept yelling, 'I'm a celebrity! I don't buy tickets!'"

Andy's bender began earlier that evening at Hamburger Mary's, a popular West Hollywood bar. The troubled actor grabbed a female patron and french-kissed her, begged other customers to pick up his tab after his credit card was declined (no takers!), then stumbled out and urinated on the sidewalk. (Print Edition - 6/21)

What I wouldn't have given to be a fly on all of those walls.

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