Ashton Kutcher Is Too Cool For Autographs

Jun 10th, 2009

When your main claims to fame are marrying Demi Moore and basically playing yourself on That 70s Show, we don't understand why you wouldn't be dishing out your autograph for free. Apparently Ashton Kutcher is just too cool to give up a few minutes to sign your stuff, ya'll.

So when you see good 'ol Ashton on the street, you may want to refrain from ruining his day. God, it's just SO HARD to be a celebrity. After reading a story about Jays outfielder Alex Rios denying a kid an autograph after a game causing the crowd to hate on him, Ashton does what he does best---goes on his Twitter and tweets.

"Truth... autographs R annoying." (source)

Surprisingly he has fans and they got pissed off after reading what he said. Trying to be the ever cool guy and smooth things over, Ashton tweeted:

"if ppl ask & I'm not late 4 something, it's cool." (source)

And we at Chaos thought the fans were the ones who made celebrities famous. Good to know for the millions of dollars you receive after filming a movie, you just don't have any time to scribble "AK" on a piece of computer paper. Well, we doubt anyone's vying over his autograph anyway. It's cool though, you have time tweet about going to the bathroom and giving us a rundown of your day, but can't sign an autograph. No, it totally makes sense.

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