Ben Stiller and Wife, Christine Taylor Have Split Up

Oct 05th, 2009

Probably the only remaining sane Hollywood couple, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have reportedly called it quits. This only proves more so that Hollywood and marriage just do not mix. Sad because we actually liked these two so we hope it's not true.

According to Janet Charlton's Hollywood site, the two have put their $12.5 million home up for sale.

We didn’t see this one coming. According to an inside source, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor have put their house on the market for a good reason: they’re splitting up. No one knows yet, but they put their Los Angeles compound up for sale at 12.5 million because Christine supposedly wants OUT of the marriage. Workaholic Ben might have spent TOO MANY nights at the museum. It’s sad because they have two young kids. Ben is said to be heartbroken and working hard to change her mind, but right now they’re living separately. (source)

We're actually too surprised to comment---Zoolander down and out? Totally not okay!

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