Benji Madden is Too Poor for Paris Hilton?

Dec 03rd, 2008

Guitarist and vocalist, Benji Madden, is apparently too poor for heiress Paris Hilton. Paris wants a guy that is well-traveled, extremely rich, and doesn't mind starring in an occasional raunchy sex tape every 6-12 months. Go get 'em girl!

“When she seriously considered growing old with Benji, Paris just couldn’t picture herself with someone she considers an average Joe...And while Benji makes a good living in a successful rock band, he’s not the millionaire that Paris envisions spending her life with.”

The final nail in the coffin came when Paris reconnected with her ex-beau, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, in Miami in mid-November.

“Seeing Stavros reminded Paris of the type of guy she wants to settle down with - someone who’s incredibly rich, well-traveled and who shares her thirst for the high life,” added the insider. “Benji just isn’t that type of guy.” (source)

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