Brad Paisley 'Arrested' for 'Serious Crimes'

Oct 28th, 2008

If you think Brad Paisley was really arrested for serious crimes you have a wire loose in your party brain. Good boy, Paisley, was Punk'd by Jewel at the Nashville Airport. She got fake cops, fake cop cars, and a fake camera crew all for the arrest. Oh Jewel, how much we don't like you.

After wrapping up the last concert date with her and Chuck Wicks in San Antonio, Paisley flew home to Nashville on his private plane Sunday.

There, reports the news page of Great American Country, he was greeted on the tarmac by two men dressed as police officers and a camera crew from Great American Country TV.

Cuffing Paisley, the men said they had a warrant for his arrest for his involvement in "serious crimes." (source)

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