Bradley Cooper Does Not Want Your Groupie Lovin'

Jun 26th, 2010

Renee Zellweger must really have a hold on Bradley Cooper. The uber hottie Bradley was working out at West Hollywood's Equinox gym when he spotted a group of ladies following him around and gawking. Seems like any other guy might take this opportunity to hook up with as many as possible, but Bradley had something else in mind.

Bradley Cooper attracted an audience of female fans while circuit training at west hollwood's Equinox gym on June 3. A crowd of women followed the hunky "A-Team" actor from the treadmill to the weight machines to the mats. When Bradley realized he was being watched, he made a dash to the locker room. (Print Edition - 6/21)

Someone's on a tight leash. Funny since Renee looks like the dog in the relationship.

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