Bradley Cooper Gets Around, Dines Renee Zellweger

Jul 03rd, 2009

Poor Jennifer Aniston! While she probably thought a dinner date with Bradley Cooper meant that they were destined (we all know how she is when she lands a man), Bradley shattered her dreams by going on the record and stating that the two are just friends. And now he seems to have moved on to another Hollywood A-Lister albeit not as hot---Renee Zellweger.

The pair, who co-star in the upcoming Case 39, were spotted together at Antonucci, an elegant Italian restaurant on NYC's posh Upper East Side, where one diner tells OK! that this was no friendly chow session.

"He pulled her chair out for her when she sat down and he kissed her on the hand," says the witness. "If they're just friends, they were being awfully affectionate!" (source)

What's the appeal of a woman who looks like her face was just freshly squeezed into lemonade? That and the chick has barely any meat on her bones. We're all for chicks being in shape, but anorexia to us is just simply not that appealing.

"Throughout the dinner they were playful and flirty," a witness tells OK!. "She played with her hair a lot, and she would often touch his arm when she was making a point about something." The lucky celeb-spotter also reveals to OK! that Renée even leaned forward across the table on a few occasions to play with his napkin.

"At one point, he seemed to want to whisper something to her as if it were a secret," says the diner. "He spoke into her ear and then they both started giggling." (source)

Bradley we have something to say to you. At this point you can land any hot chick on the planet with your recent successes. You're 34-years-old, a pretty boy, and have a bod that can even make David Beckham jealous. Get with the program and dump the 40-year-old lemon face. If you're smart, you got a quick lay after dinner. If not, we have every right to smack you for stupidity.

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