But Ryan Gosling Doesn't Want To Hurt Kirsten Dunst!

Dec 28th, 2010

There's a reason it's called acting, but Ryan Gosling still won't pull a biznitches hair. And that's what happened on the set of his new flick All Good Things. In one scene, Ryan had to drag co-star Kirsten Dunst out of a room by her hair. And when that one scene was set to film, Ryan told the director: "I DON'T want to do it...I don't want to hurt Kirsten!"

Despite a tense one-hour confrontation in the star’s trailer, the director failed to prevail as Ryan resolutely nixed the shockingly violent scene- but moments later, Kirsten came knocking and told her protector: “Look, we’ll do the scene, but with me standing on both feet so you won’t be dragging my whole body weight by my hair. I’ll be okay, honest!” After careful rehearsals, Ryan finally agreed to shoot the sequence. “He was very, very upset afterward,” Dunst confided to a pal. “He kept asking me if I was okay. And the next day, he sent me a HUGE bouquet of flowers.”

It's okay Ry Ry, we lovaaah you.

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