Casey Aldridge Almost Died in Car Accident, Airlifted

Apr 29th, 2009

Casey Aldridge and three other amigos passengers were ejected from his F-150 faster than Jamie Lynn Spears could say, "You are the father! The accident occurred sometime last weekend in Louisiana. While some injuries were more severe than others, the quad is expected to make a full recovery. They are being kept at University of Mississippi Medical Center for a couple days for further observation. To add insult to injury, literally, Casey Aldridge was ticketed with careless operation of a motor vehicle. Sucks for you!

We just spoke with a close family member/Baptist preacher who says Aldridge did not have surgery, but did suffer mild brain trauma. The family member said Aldridge suffered a "skull fracture around his hairline" and will be kept at the University of Mississippi Medical Center for 2-3 days for observation. Jamie Lynn Spears is at his bedside. (source)

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