Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick Break-Up Their Bromance

Jul 15th, 2009

The saddest break-up of the century. Chace Crawford has moved out the apartment he once shared with Gossip Girl co-star, Ed Westwick. Let's all shed a tear and have a moment of silence for this tragedy...(and feed our jealousy with how awesome that bachelor pad must have been.)

After moving into the Chelsea neighborhood of the city together to tape the hit show, sources claim Chace has moved on. And it may have been Ed's dirty laundry (literally) that did it.

The source says Crawford -- who will star in the upcoming reboot of Footloose -- moved out on Monday and into a rented penthouse apartment in the luxe Dwell 95 building in NYC's Financial District.

The reason for Crawford's change of scenery?

Apparently, Westwick is a slob, and Crawford couldn't take the mess any longer, a source tells Us. (source)

Boys will be boys and queens will be queens. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

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