Chace Crawford Drinks, Ditches, and Dances

Jun 04th, 2009

Footloose might be his newest role, but Chace Crawford was a Gossip king during the CW Upfront Party. A source tells Hollywood Chaos that not only was the Gossip Girl hunk a little drunk (he took a sip of their champagne!), but he was quite the ladies’ man giving his number out to 90210 actress Kimberly McIntyre to rendezvous at the after party.

But Chace must have had other plans in store that night.

“They were talking about the after party at Tenjune and although she showed up, he never did,” says the insider. (source)

And while he may have landed the role that Kevin Bacon made famous with his dancing, will a ton of new moves be hitting the big screen? Says the source:

“Chace was also talking about his new role in Footloose and how thankfully he won’t have to do that much dancing…but it’s a dancing movie!” (source)

But who really cares if you dance, sing, shake, or swing? When you're surrounded by co-stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester on a daily basis, we think life's pretty good!

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