Charlie Sheen Gets Special Treatment At Rehab To Finish Filming

Mar 15th, 2010

Now I can't sit here and call myself a rehab expert, but last time I knew you weren't allowed to 'leave' a few hours a day to do your thing and return at night. But for Charlie Sheen, he'll be able to finish filming the rest of the Two and a Half Men season during the day and return to rehab at night.

Sheen will hit the studio this week to finish filming. The rehab famed star flew from LA to Aspen today for his felony arraignment. Later tonight, he'll be back in LA where he'll sleep in the rehab facility and return to the Two and a Half Men set Tuesday morning for the day.

Here's hoping Brooke Mueller doesn't get wind of this. What do ya'll think? Think it's cool the doctors are letting Sheen leave for the day to finish filming? Let us know!

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