Charlie Sheens Anger Management

Feb 21st, 2012

Charlie Sheen's Anger Management

Anger Management star Charlie Sheen seems to be learning to manage his anger, apologizing to his Two and a Half Men replacement Ashton Kutcher after some rather harsh remarks.

Sheen had said to TMZ early last week: "I’m tired of lying, I'm tired of pretending the show doesn't suck...I'm tired of pretending Ashton doesn't suck."
However today it looks like Charlie is a new man saying on his website:

"Dear Ashton- My bad. I was disrespectful to a man doing his best. I got excited and threw you into a crossfire. The rest of my statement I stand behind. You, however, deserve better. Safety in your travels good sir."
And signed it all off with, “The 'late' Charlie Harper,"

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