Charlie Sheen's Dreamlike Prison

Jun 09th, 2010

Charlie Sheen sure does have a good attorney...or really knows how to pay a judge off. Beginning his 30-day sentence two days ago, the Two and a Half Men star is eligible for work release during his stay for 3rd degree misdemenaor assault. Let's just say the woman in charge of Pitkin County Jail is none too pleased and will not go along with it.

Charlie is eligible for work release while he serves his 30-day sentence for 3rd degree misdemeanor assault. We've learned Charlie will work at Theatre Aspen, a renowned professional theater, where he will coach actors, help in the fundraising department and perform various other tasks. Although it is work release, Charlie will not accept a salary.

Reports came through that after his sentence, the Pitkin County Sheriff WILL NOT go through with what the judge ordered, which means Charlie will be back in court come July. UGHHHHH.

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