Charlie Sheen's Smoking Is Most Important!

May 24th, 2010

Poor Charlie Sheen. Guy gets what he wants in his contract for Two-and-a-Half Men, sleeps with prostitutes, and has money dripping off his fingers. So what's his deal now? Well, Charlie's most worried about being able to smoke if he lands behind bars in Aspen.

According to Us Weekly the sitcom star had his criminal defense attorney, Richard Cummins, asking the jail if they would be willing to make an exception for his client. "Authorities say they aren't likely to make an exception to the no-smoking rule, which has been in effect for 10 to 15 years."

The Two and a Half Men star, 44, is likely to end up in Aspen's Pitkin County Jail, which allows nicotine patches for inmates. Nicotine gum is not allowed to prevent gum from ruining the carpet. Us has learned that the Aspen County District Attorney has offered Sheen a plea deal that would put him behind bars for 45 days, but prosecutors would drop the felony charge in return for Sheen pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.


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