Chris Brown Angry After Certain Retailers Refuse To Sell His Music

Dec 21st, 2009

Although it's a step up from taking his frustrations out on a female's face, Chris Brown still has those anger management issues. This time focused on the many retailers refusing to sell his music. Poor Chrissy baby won't be making as much money as he may have. Or people have given up on him. Get the picture, Chris?

Anyway, friends close to the singer say Chris has not been taking this lightly and his recent Twitter outburst attacking retailers only showcases the anger that showed up on Rihanna's face last February. The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Sounds like Chris Brown's anger management counseling hasn't taken too well. Two sources close to the R&B star say the singer's recent Twitter outburst -- mostly focusing anger at stores refusing to stock his new CD -- is just one example of Brown's current mindset.

"He's been losing it regularly," a close associate said Monday. "He's upset about how his album is doing."

Another longtime Brown pal added that the entertainer has been "venting his anger and frustration a lot lately . . . including screaming and ranting at some of his closest friends and family members. He'd better remember who has stuck with him through everything the past year."

The first source added, "I'm beginning to think that Rihanna was right to realize he hadn't changed . . . and she moved on. "Some people may say they can change, but rarely do." (source)

Whether it's a chick his girlfriend finds out about or Walmart giving him the finger, Chris sure finds anger in all sorts of things. Be careful, Walmart...he can 'transform' ya, but not his CD sales...ouch.

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