Chris Brown Gets Heckled In NYC

Nov 17th, 2009

Looks like a chick in Manhattan tried to ruin Chris Brown's day last week. While the apparently 'reformed' woman beater was attending an event in NYC, a random woman decided to defend Miss Rihanna.

The New York Post reports:

Chris Brown was heckled at an event in Manhattan last night as he posed for photos with fans. A woman could be heard screaming at the R&B star as he tries to make his way out of a Footaction store.

"Fucking beater," she yells. "You belong in jail ... you feel like a man?"

Brown appeared unscathed by the curse-laden assault and continued to take pictures with people as he made his way to a van. (source)

And we're pretty sure Chris yawned and dismissed these words as he counted how much he banks each year. Must be nice to beat a famous singer and walk away with millions sans jail time!

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