Chris Brown In Trouble With Wrigley's, Guess It's Not 'Forever'!

Oct 09th, 2009

Don't rub Wrigley's the wrong way! That's just what Chris Brown did when he decided to b*tch slap Rihanna around town last February. Shortly after the incident, the gum company decided to drop Chris and his Forever song from their ADs. Now they are suing mad.

Chris Brown hasn’t heard the last of Wrigley Doublemint Gum. He had a very lucrative contract with Wrigley and his ad campaign was not only successful, it produced his hit song “Forever.” Chris had apparently signed up for another five year stint with Wrigley and finished a number of commercials when the Rihanna incident happened. Wrigley pulled his ads and fired Chris. Now they are said to be preparing to sue Chris for all the money they lost due to his bad behavior. They spent big bucks on ads featuring Chris along with other celebrities like JayZ and Mariah Carey. Since Chris was in them also - everything had to be ditched. Wrigley is mad and we hear they hope to recoup the money Chris caused them to lose with a big fat lawsuit. (source)

Double your pleasure, double your first, and double your losses, Chris! We're sure he's currently having his fine share of picking up Wrigley's wrappers on the side of the highway!

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