Chris Brown Receives Death Threats

Jun 11th, 2009

You mess with Rihanna, you basically mess with the crazies. Chris Brown may be in fear of heading to jail if the judge convicts him, but he may have something else to worry about in the mean time. According to reports, authorities believe that the many death threats the once golden boy is receiving are too legit—too legit to quit. Some of the threats include the assassin posing as paparazzi.

And one LAPD insider adds that Brown also has three or four undercover bodyguards tagging along, with some being female "but who are easily as tough as any man."
The threats have left Brown apparently "totally paranoid" and very obsessed with his security. (source)

Ironic Rihanna is featured in Kanye West's Paranoid the tables have turned! We find it kind of funny; we find it kind of strange that he has no problem beating up Rihanna, but refuses to go out without a minimum of three visible bodyguards. Come on, Chris! We thought you had more spunk.

Actually, whoever really has it out from him like this needs to call 1-800-I-NEED-ME-A-LIFE. That or Chris is going to have to run it, run it. But guys, he’s not A MONSTER. Ya hear that? Oh, wait you didn’t? Youtube it because even though kid’s straight up scared for his life, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to make Youtube videos fighting for his innocence!

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