Conan O'Brien Is In A TBS State Of Mind

Apr 12th, 2010

Move over Fox, Conan O'Brien is a TBS kinda guy. Turner's entertainment chief, Steve Koonin, is the guy responsible for getting O'Brien on to the network. After George Lopez gave Koonin his blessing with O'Brien as an 11:00 PM lead-in to his show, the red headed funny man was approached with the idea.

Once O'Brien got the scoop, he didn't want to do to someone else what was done to him...*ah hem* Jay Leno *ah hem*. O'Brien wanted to make sure so Lopez called to reassure him he was on board and together, they'd make a new Late Night history on TBS.

We're told Koonin then began negotiations last week and the deal was done in days, even though the Fox deal was still alive.

As for why Conan chose TBS .... the average age of a "Lopez Tonight" viewer is 33, decades younger than the other late-night shows. TBS is the future ... so thought Conan.

Viva La Team CoCo!

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Team CoCo on 04/12/2010 @ 21:34

So happy for Conan! When I signed on and saw this, my happiness soared. Go CoCo!

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