Conan O'Brien Settles For $32 Million, Jay Leno To Reclaim 'Tonight Show' Throne

Jan 22nd, 2010

Looks like Jay Leno is an Indian giver. After retiring from his Tonight Show throne, he basically gave everyone a hassle over at NBC to get his old job back. With that came the peace out of Conan O'Brien who disagreed to an offer of The Tonight Show being moved to the 12:05 am spot.

All I know is that my red-headed lover was mistreated and in the end came out with a positive. A nice cash sum of $32 million to himself and $12 million dispersed to his staff of 200.

After weeks of wrangling between "Tonight Show" host Conan O'Brien and NBC, "a deal is signed and an official announcement will be made this morning," the network confirmed today to ABC News.

O'Brien reportedly won't be allowed to take his best-known characters and skits with him when he leaves, NBC but The Wall Street Journal reports that O'Brien will receive a severance package of about $32 million while his staff will receive some $12 million. Staff severance was a sticking point in O'Brien's protracted negotiations with the network, his manager told earlier this week.

The exit package also likely includes a "nondisaparagement" clause that would prevent O'Brien and NBC from saying negative things about one another for a set period of time.

One thing that's missing from O'Brien's agreement, however, is a rumored "mitigation" clause that would have allowed NBC to avoid paying at least some of O'Brien's severance if he gets another hosting job, according to entertainment gossip Web site (source)

Sorry, but in my opinion a butt chin should never overrule gorgeous red thick locks. Love you Conan! I'm playing favorites, Jay Leno's a b!tch.

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