Cops to Talk to Another Doctor of Michael Jackson's, May Have Prescribed More Than Necessary

Jun 29th, 2009

Like this situation could get any messier! Not only is Michael Jackson's live-in doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, being questioned by authorities, but now cops are looking to talk to another doctor who may have been responsible for over medicating the super star. Let's meet Dr. Tohme Tohme. No, not the kid from 3 Ninjas.

Sources tell TMZ police want to talk to Dr. Tohme Tohme about an "alleged indirect connection" between prescription drugs and MJ's passing.

Dr. Tohme says he's Jackson's longtime friend and manager. He tells us, "I don't have anything to do with his (Michael's) medication or health. This is B.S. -- why should I talk to police?" (source)

Perhaps to tell them exactly what you just told the media so you can get your name out of connection? I don't know. You're a doctor, it's just a thought. Only MJ would hire a doctor named TOHME TOHME.

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