David Letterman's Extortion Plot Thickens, Had A "Love Den"

Oct 07th, 2009

Even David Letterman gets laid in Hollywood! By now most of you have read about the extortion plot against David Letterman. Basically claiming the funny man bed many of his female employees. Dave went on his show to discuss the truth of the matter---not like we care. The guy got a few BJs and lays, what's so wrong with that?

Yes, yes we know he has a long time partner (whom he is now married, too) but to us we don't really see the big deal in this. But of course every female staffer is now coming out of the wood work to discuss an apparent love den Dave had for his ladies dubbed "the bunker."

Now staff at the Late Show claim their boss has long kept a bedroom they dubbed "the bunker" in the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York where his show is taped. And they insisted that it was strictly off-limits to anyone but his "favorite females."

"He doesn't have to come out - he has a suite upstairs," one staff member said. "It's off limits to pretty much everybody. If he is having an affair or fooling around with somebody at work, she wouldn't be noticed coming in or out, or seen as something strange because she works there." (source)

Turns it out it's extremely nice to be Dave Letterman!

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