DJ Pauly D Has Quite The Rider

May 05th, 2011

Just almost two years ago, this guy was a nobody and now Pauly Delvecchio aka DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore is getting paid thousands in appearances and even has a rider. And if you're not part of Pauly's entourage, yo bizzhind will be escorted out of his area during appearances.

“A member of the security staff will be provided to meet and escort TALENT upon arrival at the airport and accompany the talent between airport/hotel and venue and lead TALENT into the venue and VIP area,” the rider stipulates. “Under no circumstances will TALENT be allowed in any public area unaccompanied by security.” DelVecchio is the “TALENT” in question here.

In the “VIP AREA,” a large table must be reserved “for the sole use of TALENT” (again, that is a reference to DelVecchio). Nobody other than “TALENT and Talent’s entourage” shall have access to the area with the permission of DelVecchio’s road manager. Yes, DelVecchio’s rider actually refers to his “entourage.”

DelVecchio also demands the provision of four bottles of “House Champagne.” The bubbly, though, will not be consumed by the DJ and his three-person posse. Instead, it will be used “to spray crowd.”

15 minutes up yet?

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