Double Douchebag Alert: Jon Gosselin & Michael Lohan Together In the Hamptons

Jul 23rd, 2009

What do you get when you mix Ed Hardy overload with a bunch of monkey hair grease multiplied by a lot of fame whore attention? Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan together in the Hamptons, that's what! And leave it to Lohan to ride the coattails of Gosselin's new found fame since his is rapidly disappearing (wait, what was his claim to fame again?)...

We have no idea why the gruesome twosome were together in Southampton with matching "blonde bimbos in tow," but it doesn't surprise us. And we have to thank Twitter for making this all possible. Because that's what broke the news.

@rjhilbertiv “Just saw skeeze-fest ‘09 John Gosselin and Michael Lohan walking through Southampton with blonde bimbos in tow. 33 minutes ago from txt.”

We obviously had to get our good friend @rjhilbertiv on the phone to figure things out as we weren’t in Southampton at the moment. Apparently, the entire town was abuzz with the fact that the current Tabloid King and his mistress (but wait, we thought she was a brunette?!) were there accompanied by Li-Lo’s pops and flavor of the moment. (source)

Uh oh, has Jon been a cheatin' again? And we thought this one was a catch!---a druggie, but a catch!

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