Dr. Phil Sued for Fraud and Defamation

Oct 22nd, 2008

Raise your hand way up high if you despise Dr. Phil. Alright, I see about eighty-nine percent of the Internet with their hand raised. Well, the following news will certainly tickle your fun spots. Dr. Phil is being sued by Thomas Riccio, the dealer in the most recent O.J. Simpson scandal. Riccio is suing Dr. Phil because his words were spliced during the interview and their meaning was altered.

Riccio said he would not have appeared on the talk show if he would have known that his character would be questioned. The show called him a “a shady deal-maker” and “a puppet master who would sell his soul for coin”. (source)

For the eleven percent of you that did not raise their hand, I recommend getting help. Maybe go see Dr. Phil or something...

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