Ed Westwick Is Too Famous For Pictures

Apr 02nd, 2010

Nobody interrupts Chuck Bass during dinner. Unfortunately for Ed Westwick, this was not a scripted scene for an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl. A poor dude, who was dining at the same restaurant as Westwick, was taking pictures to capture memories of his own evening when Westwick came a yellin' at him.

"Ed came over and was like, 'Stop taking my picture!'" says the snapper, who insists he initially didn't even know who "Chuck Bass" was and was simply trying to capture memories of his own evening. "He started shouting obscenities at me and getting in my face. He was all bitter and s—. I thought it was a joke."

But it most certainly wasn't: The amateur cameraman soon realized just how angry Westwick was ("He walked off in a cloud of disgust," he says), but decided he wasn't going to take the insult sitting down.

"I went over to him and asked him who he thought he was, and he dissolved into a fit of rage," says the man, who continued taking pictures of his party. Soon after, he says he was approached by the manager of the restaurant, who told him he had to leave at Ed's request.

Waaaahhh somebody call the wambulance...Ed's ego has been hit.

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