Eminem Sends Mariah a 'Warning'

Jul 31st, 2009

Eminem threatens to release photos of he and Mariah Carey on his new track. On the titled song “Warning,” Slim Shady, to put it mildly, goes off on the pop diva and her new hubby Nick Cannon

“The only reason I dissed you in the first place, is cause you denied seeing me,” raps Eminem.

If there’s one thing we know about Eminem is that you don’t want to be on his shit list. Right now, sitting one-two on the list are Mariah and Nick.

Slim and Mariah have been trading blows for the last couple of months now, ever since Shady threw the first jab in his "Bagpipes From Baghdad" track. Mariah’s new hubby, Nick, fired back calling Eminem lame in an issue of US Magazine back in May.

"What type of grown...man lies about getting with a chick? Only Slim Lamey! LOL!" said Cannon.

“Not only has his music not evolved, but also homeboy is still obsessed with my wife, the same female that wouldn't let him get to second base from eight years ago."

It’s very unlikely that Eminem is heartbroken or even cares about whether or not Mariah acknowledges their brief dating stint. But one thing we do know is that Eminem ain’t nobody to F with. The guy is crazy and feeds off this kind of stuff. Just ask Christina Aguilera, Debbie Mathers, Kim Mathers and Moby… all of which have been on the receiving end of the rapper’s diss tracks.

Mariah and Nick are barking up the wrong tree. She should stick to making #1 Hits and Nick should stick to… what is it that he does again?

One things for sure, you won’t be hearing this track on your local radio stations.

Listen for yourself here. (source)

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