Famous Musicians Expected to Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson In Concert

Jun 30th, 2009

Just because the self-proclaimed King of Pop has passed away doesn't mean the show won't go on. And although it's unsure what will happen to those who purchased tickets for MJ's performances in London next month, word on the street is that many famous musicians will team up to pay tribute to the icon during a concert.

On June 26, an announcement was made at a memorial gathering for Jackson, held by the tour's cast and crew.

According to a tour organizer, one performance will now be held in September and will be a replica of what was planned for “This Is It” in London.

High-profile singers are expected to perform in place of Jackson. Among them, possibly Madonna, who was expected to appear at one of Jackson’s shows in London. A firm decision has not been made as to where the tribute concert will take place, but it’s likely to be in Los Angeles. (source)

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